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Angie's List: Tips to Assess and Repair Roof Storm Damage

Follow this advice from the roofing pros to check for and fix damage to your roof after a storm.

Even if a storm didn’t produce a torrent of rain or volley of hail, wind alone can cause enough damage to your roof to warrant repair or replacement. So after a tornado, thunderstorm, hurricane or hailstorm, make sure to check the condition of your roof.

Photo from a Koch Brothers Roofing client.

“Every thunderstorm has a straight-line burst of wind,” says Walt Zaleski, a National Weather Service meteorologist. “At 50 to 60 mph, you start seeing damage to homes — trees toppling, power lines coming down, debris blown from your neighbor’s house.”

After a storm passes, make sure to check for roof damage from wind, hail or other sources, document any problems and work with your insurance company and a knowledgeable contractor to fix any issues.

How to spot roof damage.

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms and hurricanes can tear shingles from your roof and give your roof a beating with tree branches. Follow these steps to check for storm damage to your roof:

• Inspect your attic for leaks or water damage. Also, if any water stains appear on your ceiling or walls, you likely need repairs or a roof replacement.

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